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A Statement from JCRC/AJC and MMCC

May 11, 2021
John Hardwick

The Michigan Muslim Community Council (MMCC) and the Jewish Community Relations Council/ American Jewish Committee of Detroit (JCRC/AJC), who work together to help Muslims and Jews of Detroit value each other’s religions and communities, call for calm and peace in the Holy Land.

We are saddened that in this month of Ramadan, holy to Muslims worldwide, violence has broken out in the holy city of Jerusalem. We are always saddened when people are not allowed to pray and worship and live their day-to-day lives in peace. Thus, we pray for the safety and security of all who live in the Holy Land – Muslims, Jews, and Christians and for all the victims of violence.

We call for dialogue and mutual respect and for pursuing nonviolent channels for justice. We hope that our model in Detroit, of working in partnership on issues of mutual concern, can inspire those who are fighting to return to a meaningful pursuit of peace and justice for all in Jerusalem and everywhere.

Dr. Muhmud Al-Hadidi, Michigan Muslim Community Council
Rabbi Asher Lopatin, Jewish Community Relations Council/American Jewish Committee

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