Chaldean-Jewish Relations

JCRC/AJC has been actively engaged in interfaith work with the Chaldean community in Metro Detroit for many years. The two communities live particularly close together in the suburb of West Bloomfield. The relations we share with the Chaldean community are rooted in the recognition of the many cultural, historical, and experiential similarities that we have in common. Sharing a similar experience as immigrant communities in this country, both communities have a history of entrepreneurship, with many Chaldeans and Jewish individuals running successful businesses in the area. This shared economic activity has created opportunities for interaction and collaboration.

The Chaldean community has been a reliable ally for our community, during times of crisis, and with their outspoken support for Israel. In wake of the tragedy of October 7th, the Jewish community received an outpour of support from our Chaldean partners and friends, and members of the Chaldean community contributed a generous amount to the Jewish Federation of Metro Detroit’s Emergency Israel Fund.

"Martin Manna and I recognized our communities had a history of entrepreneurship, building businesses and creating jobs in Southeastern Michigan. Though the economy was depressed, Chaldeans and Jews rarely partnered with each other. In fact, we barely knew each other. With the Building Community Initiative, Martin and I sought to break stereotypes, educate our respective communities through the pages of the Jewish News and Chaldean News, and create face-to-face opportunities for socialization, networking and activism. Through committed and eager committees, co-led by members of our respective communities, the partnership quickly expanded its focus to include health care, arts and culture, education and faith-based initiatives.”- Arthur Horwitz

Wabeek Country Club hosting its first ever Hannukah Menorah lighting ceremony (Dec.2023)
Rabbi Steven Rubenstein lighting the Menorah at Wabeek Country Club (Dec.2023)

Dr. Amer Hanna Fatuhi's book "The Jews Of Babylon"