Muslim-Jewish Relations

Uniquely home to a thriving Jewish population and the world’s largest Arab population outside of the Middle East, JCRC/AJC is the primary organization in fostering understanding, cooperation, and friendship between the Muslim and Jewish communities of Metro Detroit. 

Central to the success of this mission is the strong relationship that JCRC/AJC has cultivated with Muslim community leaders, elected officials, and Imams. Through regular dialogue and collaboration, both communities have found common ground to enhance mutual understanding and respect. Attending Iftar dinners during Ramadan and hosting Muslim leaders at Shabbat dinners have become symbolic gestures of solidarity, demonstrating the commitment to breaking bread together and celebrating diversity.

In times of crisis, particularly concerning issues related to Israel and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, JCRC/AJC maintains an always-open channel of communication with our Muslim community partners. This proactive approach helps in addressing concerns, fostering empathy, and preventing misunderstandings that may arise during sensitive situations. By keeping the lines of communication open, both communities can work together towards peaceful resolutions and bridge gaps in understanding.

The commitment to maintaining and strengthening relations between the Jewish and Muslim communities is grounded in the shared belief that collaboration serves the best interests of both groups. Recognizing the rise of antisemitism and Islamophobia globally, JCRC/AJC and Muslim leaders understand the importance of standing united against hate. Together, we actively work to combat prejudice, educate our respective communities, and promote tolerance.

Exemplifying the potential for positive Muslim-Jewish relations for the rest of the country, our collaboration, dialogue, and joint efforts are helping to build a greater and more harmonious society in Metro Detroit. 

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Rabbi Asher Lopatin, Bob Bruttell, Dr. Mahmoud Al-Hadidi, and Nada Al-Hadidi observe the old city of Jerusalem (June 2023)
The JCRC/AJC Interfaith Delegation visiting the Temple Mount together (June 2023)

The JCRC/AJC Interfaith Delegation having lunch in Jericho (June 2023)

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