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JCRC/AJC Detroit and JCRC Ann Arbor’s joint statement on threats against Jewish Michigan officials

April 20, 2023

Antisemitism reared its ugly head yet again – this time by an individual in Texas, who made threats against Jewish officials and elected politicians in the state of Michigan. We are grateful the FBI and other law enforcement authorities worked hard and fast to apprehend the person who made these threats. Sadly, these kinds of hateful statements and threats of violence are becoming more commonplace and reinforce the need for us to speak up against antisemitism and hatred of any kind. We must work together with all our allies and partners to make sure we look out for each other and create an environment where this kind of behavior is not tolerated.JCRC/AJC Detroit and JCRC Ann Arbor remain committed, with your help, to building a respectful, tolerant, and peaceful society. Visit JCRC/ AJC at, JCRC Ann Arbor at

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