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JCRC/AJC Statement on the U.S. Capitol Riots

January 7, 2021
John Hardwick

Friends, our country was sullied yesterday by a vicious attack on our land’s most sacred building, putting those we entrusted with our democratic system at risk by a mob incited by our country’s very own leader. This can never be tolerated, even by nonpartisan organizations like our own.

We condemn the misuse of leadership. We condemn the double standard of enforcement so blatantly displayed yesterday, versus last summer. We condemn those that reject the Constitution and our voting process. We condemn all acts of violence spurred on by hatred and intolerance.

Last night, JCRC/AJC gathered more than 100 clergy and lay leaders of all faiths, and from throughout Michigan, along with Lieutenant Governor Gilchrist and the Coalition for Black and Jewish Unity, to strengthen each other in the face of the horrors that we had witnessed throughout the afternoon of January 6, 2021. In addition, the program was meant to provide comfort to our communities and spread hope for our great American democratic experiment. Click here to access the recording which included diverse prayers and the goodness and passion that is America.

Let us all move forward from this moment as one in strength, love and democracy.

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